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49 years old   East Sussex, England


shemale, looking for a woman, man

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5.3ft-5.6ft (161cm-170cm)
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Classic, Fashion, Sexy
Computer programmer
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My name is Scarlett. I am a Chinese natural shemale. My girlfriends call me a t-girl or transsexual woman. I have two natural feminine small breasts and a degenerated small penis. When I was a child, my mother and I lived in Beijing, the capital of China. My father seldom lived with us. Now I am living in England by myself. I can speak fluent Mandarin (Putonghua) and Cantonese as well as English. Although my appearance looks like a man rather than a woman when I clear off the feminine makeups on my face, I do not know why my body looks like a woman more than a man. My breasts are much bigger than a normal man. When I am wearing a man's tight fit, my mammae protrude out so much that they look nearly like a woman. I feel embarrassing in front of men. In fact, I possess no vagina like a woman does. My voice is somewhat in between of the two sexes. I am mild and genteel. I experienced ejaculations only when I was wearing traditional Chinese female wears in severe bondage as well as my breasts were being kneaded hard or my penis was being sucked continuously by females. It is very gloomy that I have no real sex relations for many years because I actually do not possess the capability of a man for normal copulation. Physically, I do not possess strong muscles like a man. My flesh and muscles are similar to a woman.
Playing musical instruments, chess and fashion.